Osavi Potassium 300mg Vegan Caps

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Food supplement in the form of a hard capsule containing potassium in the highly absorbable organic form - potassium citrate. The optimal level of potassium is necessary for the normal functioning of the organs. 

There are a few interesting facts about potassium ions, not least that it’s an electrolyte. Electrolytes conduct electrical impulses around our body which are responsible for helping it to function properly. Essentially, they produce the energy we need at a cellular level to allow us to stay fit and healthy. They are needed for functions spanning the muscles, the nerves and osmosis. Together, these actions keep our bodies healthy.

A second interesting point is that our bodies don’t produce potassium, so we have to get it from our diets. The benefits of potassium include contributing to our nervous system, muscle function and blood pressure. If your diet is lacking in potassium, you may want to top it up with a dietary supplement. 

Our supplement has been designed to support the proper functioning of the body by providing it with a daily portion of 300 mg of this precious element. Each capsule contains highly absorbable organic salt - potassium citrate. The product is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Why would someone benefit from supplementing with Potassium 300 mg?
- Potassium contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system
- Potassium contributes to normal muscle function
- Potassium contributes to the maintenance of normal blood pressure

What is special about capsules Potassium 300 mg?
- Contains potassium in the highly absorbable organic form - potassium citrate 
- Clean label - no unnecessary additives.
- Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 
- Packaging made of BioPET (30% of the plastic comes from sugar cane).

Gluten free Non-GMO Vegan Vegetarian