Propercorn Lightly Salted Popcorn 70g - Out of Date

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Caramelised popcorn with biscuit flavour seasoning
Our journey started by training the team to be Carbon Literate... the 1st food company in the world to do this. Then, we measured our total footprint as a business.
We're now taking action to become Carbon Net Zero by 2030.
In-in The new out-out. Grab your remote and popcorn, Climb into your sofa and get stuck in. Tonight's the night.

Proper. Small word, big ambition.

It all started with popcorn. I made the first batches of Propercorn in a refashioned cement mixer. And we still do things differently today.
Making popcorn properly means a lot to us. It has to taste banging. It should be better for you. And of course, better for the planet. That's why we're on a mission.*

This one hits the spot. Warm cinnamon biscuit with a hit of smooth caramel. It's biscuit, spice and all things nice.
Natural seasoning, sprinkled on fibre rich, butterfly corn. Oh, and vegan.
Eat Proper.

*Climate change: we're on a mission. A carbon mission.

134 kcal per serve
2002 kJ / 478 kcal per 100g
Natural Seasoning
High in Fibre
Gluten Free
No Palm Oil
Suitable for Vegans
Pack size: 90G