ProSupps Mr. Hyde Test Surge 336g

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Mr. Hyde just got better and that wasn't easy. We worked tirelessly to bring the perfect blend of key testosterone-promoting ingredients dosed for performance seekers, alongside a tweaked version of our current outstanding formula to bring a uniquely bad-ass pre-workout to the market. With heaps of adrenaline-driving ingredients, this formula delivers the perfect balance of max power and strength, relentless energy, stamina and focus while boosting recovery and reducing the negative effects of cortisol. If you‚'re looking for a pre-workout that amplifies testosterone, Mr. Hyde Test Surge will power all of your performances both in and out of the weight room.

2X the Energy of the Leading Brand.
Increased Power & Drive
Iconic HaloX Testosterone Boosting Matrix for Enhanced Stamina and Performance
Helps inhibit Aromatase for an improved Testosterone to Estrogen Ratio
Improved Cortisol Levels for Stress and Testosterone Management
Zero sugar, Zero Carbs, Zero Calories, GOOD FOR MEN AND WOMEN, Gluten Free