Stacker2 Europe Barbarian 15 x 55g

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Barbarian is designed to be one of the tastiest protein bar you’ve ever tried. Not only does it taste delicious, the specs make it a high-quality bar. Barbarian contains 36% protein (20g) and less than 2g of sugar. 

In the manufacturing process, Barbarian does not use tough protein paste found in so many other protein bars. Instead, we’ve used a new improved process in which the protein rises and is baked. This gives you a much tastier bar that is soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

Key features of Barbarian
- 20g protein per bar
- Less than 2g of sugar
- Contains high biological value protein
- Maximum 216 calories
- Contains up to 70% less sugar than other snacks with chocolate
- Unparalleled taste and texture