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Inferno Black is a no-nonsense pre-workout formula. It has a small number of ingredients but in very high dosages, and is therefore super effective. You get the best value for your money when you use Inferno Black to improve your training results.

Contains the 5 most essential pre-workout ingredients:
L-Citrulline (4g): most efficient precursor of nitric oxide levels.
L-Arginine AKG (1g): one of the best bioavailable forms of L-Arginine.
Beta Alanine (3g): we provide a high dosage of beta alanine which increases carnosine levels in skeletal muscles.
Taurine (1g): Inferno Black contains this versatile super-amino in a sufficiently high-quality, bioavailable form.
Caffeine (300 mg): the most effective pre workout ingredient for high-intensity exercises.

Our open, non-proprietary formula, shows you exactly what you get. High quality ingredients. Dosed high, dosed right!

Inferno Black - Nutrition Information