Stacker2 Europe Liquid Amino 946ml

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If you're into sports you need the right amino acids. In addition to a balanced composition with sufficient BCAAs and Glutamine, the form in which the amino acid is offered to your body is essential. Our fast acting Liquid Amino is a conscious choice over a slower acting protein supplement.

The highlights of Liquid Amino:
- Contains 51% of Amino Acids
- Acts super-fast and effectively
- Amino acids from whey protein hydrolisate
- Supplies free-form amino acids
- Without a doubt the best tasting liquid amino ever!

Among other ingredients, Liquid Amino contains whey protein that has been hydrolysed to the smallest possible free amino acids. Your body can rapidly absorb these amino acids without the need for digestion. This allows you to recover from major strength work extremely quickly. And don't forget: your body stays in the anabolic growth state much longer. This makes you feel fitter and stronger and your muscles will grow faster in a shorter space of time.

The many advantages of high absorption liquid amino acids compared to relatively low absorption protein supplements make our Liquid Amino one of the pillars of your workout and nutrition regime.