Swanson 5-Methyltetrahydrofolic Acid 400mg 30 Caps - Out of Date

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Featuring Quatrefolic, a more bioavailable form of folate
Promotes cell growth, DNA synthesis and red blood cell production
Supports cell regeneration

There's no question folate is important, especially for young women and expectant mothers. It's important for cell growth, DNA synthesis and red blood cell production. But common folic acid supplements aren't very efficient. They must be metabolized for absorption and only a small percentage of folate actually makes it into the body. Quatrefolic changes everything with a scientifically advanced form of reduced folate that boasts long-lasting stability, high solubility and even better bioavailability than the leading brands. If you're serious about maintaining adequate folate levels, if you want a supplement you can truly rely on, Swanson Ultra Folate with Quatrefolic is the clear choice. It's the future of folic acid science helping secure the health of future generations.