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Named for the 18th century camel caravans that transported teas to Europe from as far-reaching areas as India, China and Ceylon, via Russia, Russian Caravan is a pure China Black tea, made from a wonderful blend of oolong, keemun and lapsang souchong. Offering bold flavours, with a hint of Assam, Russian Caravan produces excellent strong, rich teas.

Our Russian Caravan blend is mixed with a lighter amount of Lapsang Souchong than some others on the market, in order to achieve what we consider to be a great balance of flavours. If you're looking for a strong, smokey tea, we'd recommend our 100% Lapsang Souchong.


Formosa Tea, Chinese Tea, Darjeeling Tea


While we try to keep to the strictest standards in our treatment of allergens, please be aware that our factory handles nuts, milk and soy ingredients. Please check our ingredients lists for specific information on each tea.


Despite its name, Russian Caravan Tea is a pure China black tea, made from a blend of three tea varieties: Oolong, Keemun and Lapsang Souchong.

The name derives from the caravans of camels that transported teas during the 18th century. These caravans travelled along the Ancient Tea Horse Road from places such as China and India, via Russia, to bring new and exotic teas to European countries. Russian Caravan is a bold, flavoursome tea that offers hints of smokiness, a smooth, mellow aftertaste and a full-bodied finish.