The Skinny Food Co. Cook Book 1st Edition

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50 Home Cooked Healthy Recipes Under 500 Calories

Introducing The Skinny Food Co's first ever recipe book!

We've made it our mission to enable people to enjoy food as it should be enjoyed and to put ‘avoided’ ‘unhealthy’ options firmly back on the menu for as many people as possible. This recipe book is another way in which we deliver on that promise, as every single recipe takes into consideration any potential food allergy you may have and is jammed packed with flavour, easy to make, and contains less than 500 calories. 

This is a must-have cookbook, filled with deliciously healthy recipes and perfect for anyone who's wanting to jazz up their meals live a healthier lifestyle. From scrumptious breakfasts, yummy lunch & tasty dinners, right the way through to luscious drinks, healthy snacks, and kid meals. This recipe book has existing dishes for everyone!

Each healthy home-cooked recipe outlines how many people the mouth-watering meals serve, the time it takes to cook, the number of calories the dish contains and the macros (protein, calories & carbohydrates).