USN EPIK Blue Juice 880g - Out of Date & Caked

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Please note this product is out of date and caked /clumped. This product not be able to be returned or refunded.

GLYCER PUMP: 1000 mg, maximizes muscle pump for peak performance & vascularity.

HIGHLY BRANCHED CYCLIC DEXTRIN: immediate glycogen reload for growth & recovery.

AMIONO9™: 6700 mg, accelerates MPS, prevents muscle catabolism & enhances recovery.

HIGHEST QUALITY FERMENTED BCAAs: 3370 mg, accelerates muscle protein synthesis, endurance & recovery.

B-ALANINE: 3500 mg, accelerates physical performance & recovery.

BETAINE ANHYDROUS: 2000 mg, increases power output & energy levels.

CITRULLINE LALATE: 1000 mg, boosts GH & NO production for insane muscle pump.

COCONUT WATER POWDER: optimizes hydration, nerve signaling & recovery.