USN Iso-Gro Whey 2kg

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ISO-GRO WHEY is a ground breaking product, born from extensive research on protein and creatine.

ISO-GRO WHEY contains all the standard whey protein amino acids and added amino acids, but also has a multi-level complex, comprising nutrients such as zinc, magnesium and creatine monohydrate.

This powerful formulation delivers the most comprehensive pre- and post-workout protein complex.

Make the most out of every workout, and break through your plateau.

Firstly, let's talk about protein. Contributes to the growth & maintenance of muscle mass, it's essential to support your hard work with a healthy supply of protein. Each 35g shake provides you with 28g of protein, which is ideal when your body needs it most.
Right, protein covered; now we turn our attention to performance. Creatine increases physical performance in successive bursts of short-term, high intensity exercise - 3g of Creatine preserving supports your workout out and pushes you to your targets.
We also wanted to support your metabolism and muscle function which is why we've included Calcium, which also supports your metabolism and muscle function of digestive enzymes.
Zinc, quite an impressive ingredient, plays a role in normal carbohydrate metabolism, fertility and reproduction, metabolism of fatty acids & protein synthesis. It further supports the maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood and the normal function of the immune system.