USN Trust 50g RTD 1 x 500ml - Random Flavour

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Trust Protein 50 boasts an incredible 50g of Protein in each delicious drink and ideal for anyone looking for their protein fix on the go.

50g of Protein
Two Delicious Flavours
6 x 500ml Bottles
What is the Trust Protein 50?
The Trust Protein 50 is a protein shake in a bottle, packed with healthy nutrients and ready when YOU need it!

What are the benefits?
Our indulgent 'ready-to-drink' shake is ideal for those with a hectic lifestyle, boasting 50g of protein in each shake the Trust Protein 50 can support your muscle recovery and maintenance during the day.

Our lactose-free, high protein drink is available in two tasty flavours and you'll benefit from no added sugar.

Is this product for me?
Supporting your diet with a healthy supply of protein is recommended for any individual taking on a fitness challenge.