Via Fortis Massage Roller

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Our 2in1 foam roller for your uncomplicated self-massage. Effectively release tension, make your muscles more flexible, relax your spine and loosen hardened fascia.

Thanks to the 2in1 technology, you have two massage rollers for a comprehensive full-body application.

Our massage roller: For a strong back and flexible muscles

We sit at a desk for several hours a day or do physical work. Both strain our back, tense the muscles and can cause pain and even consequential damage. Regular self-massage with our 2in1 fitness roller improves blood circulation in the muscles, increasing their resistance and flexibility. At the same time, stuck fascia is loosened.

  • Two fascia rollers in one: Use both massage rollers for a holistic relaxation session
  • For effective fascia training, improved mobility and as a supplement to a balanced workout
  • Your massage partner for a relaxed self-massage at home, in the gym or on the go
  • Both fitness rollers are made of high-quality eco-EPP rigid foam

Product details:
Material: High quality pressed EPP hard foam
Dimensions: 33cm x 15cm x 15cm (large roll) and 33cm x 5cm x 5cm (small roll)