Zoomad Labs Caretaker Squeeze 345g

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Caretaker SQUEEZE offers the best 10:1:1 BCAAs on the market, now with 2g of Carnipure and Diuretic Complex.We already know our favourite Guardian angel takes care of us. The new Caretaker SQUEEZE formula has 6g of 10:1:1 BCAAs per serving that takes care of our muscle mass, but this time burns fat and eliminates fluids simultaneously!Mix your scoop of Caretaker SQUEEZE in 1l of water, drink it in the next 2-3 hours and experience its draining and purifying effects.Caretaker SQUEEZE contains natural ingredients with diuretic effects which will help you to eliminate fluid deposited under the skin, conserving any water stored in the muscles and boosting the loss of subcutaneous fat which often contributes to that soft, untoned appearance.2g of L-Carnitine L-tartrate Carnipure accelerates the breakdown of fat, making it ideal for reducing the percentage of body fat while also increasing your energy levels.Caretaker SQUEEZE prepares you to show off the best version of your body in a natural way, eliminating excess fluid and keeping your muscles full. At Zoomad, retaining fluids is not an option, welcome to our zoo!