ZoopScoop ZoopSet

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  • An extendable handle helps reach further and deeper into the container hygienically.
  • Robustly reusable and long-lasting to help protect the planet.
  • A dispensing funnel means no spills, zero waste, and is easily transferable.
  • Measuring lines help get perfect powder volume – no waste and better economics.
  • A rotating paddle helps dispense what you need exactly where you need it.
  • A sealable lid to carry your measured powder around.
What can I measure with ZoopScoop?
The ZoopScoop has been designed to measure and dispense all powders – from supplements and coffee to baby formula. If it’s a powder, it sure can be ZoopScoop-ed!

What measuring system does the ZoopScoop use? 
Millilitres, ounces and tablespoons. We have designed ZoopScoop to be universally used in all geographies.
What’s the best way to store my ZoopScoop?
We recommend storing your ZoopScoop with the lid off if you don’t use it for an extended period.
What powders can I use ZoopScoop for?
Supplements (protein powders, greens, creatine etc.) coffee, baby formula. Whatever powder you use, the ZoopScoop will be a great tool to use.
Is the ZoopScoop dishwasher-proof?
Yes, the ZoopScoop is fully dishwasher-proof. Please click here to watch our ‘How to clean’ video.