Efectiv Sports Maple Syrup Nutrition Cream Of Rice 909g

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EFECTIV Cream of Rice is a delicious tasting, highly convenient rice cereal which is perfect for any individual who is looking for an easy to digest carbohydrate source, that is low in calories, free from fat and sugar and has the added benefit of a comprehensive Vitamin & Mineral blend to support wellbeing.

  • 22 Servings
  • 36g Carbs per serving
  • 0g Sugar
  • Gluten Free & Vegan Friendly
  • Quick & Convenient meal option

To microwave:  Add ONE scoop (45g) to 200ml water, stir and pour into a microwave proof bowl or container. Once mixed set microwave on HIGH setting at 30 second intervals. After each 30 seconds stir until desired consistency has been achieved.

Alternatively: Slowly add 200ml of preheated water or milk, stir / whisk to desired consistency.

Can be mixed with protein powder or fruit.