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Unique Creatine Complex
In recent years more than a hundred well-substained scientific studies have appeared on the way creatine works. The studies into the way creatine supplementation can be enhanced further have been of particular interest to us. It is an indisputable fact that 6th Gear Creatine Complex contains the most powerful creatines and, importantly: no other product combines all six of them. Every dose supplies you with 6000mg of superior creatine.

Beta-alanine Stack
The way creatine works is already amazing, but by stacking it with beta-alanine you take another leap forward. Beta-alanine is a precursor of carnosine. Carnosine neutralizes lactic acid build-up in the muscle. The more carnosine, the longer the lactic acid build-up is delayed, and the longer you can lift heavy weights. Each serving og 6th Gear Creatine Complex contains sufficient beta-alanine to increase the carnosine present in the muscles by 80%.

See the unique and optimal effect of 6th Gear Creatine Complex for yourself. Stop putting up with average supplements and choose the best and most effective creatine product available. 

6th Gear Creatine Highlights:
- Patented six-part creatine complex.
- Unique combination with alpha-lipon acid and beta-alanine.
- Optimal insulin sensitivity and absorption.
- Results right from the first dose.
- Extreme increase in rock-hard muscle mass and muscle strength.