Trained By JP JP DNFM 320g

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Trained By JP's latest and greatest Pre-Workout has landed in the Mix! DNFM 'Mega Stim' pre-workout is a fresh formulation taking pre-workout to game changing levels! Their strongest pre-workout yet, not for the faint hearted and definitely one for the pre-workout connoisseur! Combining three of the strongest stims available right now (and these may surprise you):juniper berry, kigelia and juglan! This ones not for the post 5pm workouts!

DFNM though? Yup DFNM 'Do not fu**** miss' - essentially every rep every set counts, this stuff is set to help you push through whatever to hit those numbers every workout! As well as high stim this stuff includes the usual suspects - Beta Alanine, Taurine, L-Citrulline etc! An awesome formula, no half doses here folks! A fully transparent formula containing 7 of the finest and most high quality ingredients working together in synergy to create an absolute powerhouse of a pre-workout!